Born in Treviso in 1992, she attended Art School of Treviso and earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture at IUAV. Always passionate about design in all its forms, she has collaborated with different realities, exploring different expressive languages, thinking about the meaning that the image has, through the use of drawing and photography as tools of knowledge, storytelling and interpretation.
Thanks to the image, it is possible to work on the identity of places and spaces, be it a representation or a new inserted element.

Work with
- mzc+
- Pièra magazine
- Collettivo BaldoBranco
- Treviso Comic Book Festival
- TRA - Treviso Ricerca Arte
- EDF Crew
- Rurart
- Murano Glass
- Ideeuropee
- H-FARM Education
- Studio BFM Architekten